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The biggest mistake we made at Lexoo and what in-house legal teams can learn from it

Posted by Daniel van Binsbergen on Oct 18, 2019 3:46:47 PM

As a team of ex-BigLaw lawyers ourselves, we know that the traditional law firm model is broken. It just isn't set up to solve the key problems most GCs have: needing to have all the answers internally, not blocking commercial progress, protecting the company from risks, demonstrating value, controlling costs, and looking to the future. 

Over the years as CEO of Lexoo, I developed a pretty solid understanding of the areas where there was room to improve on the model. However, this led to a different problem: where to start. I didn’t have a solid prioritisation framework to help me make those decisions, and it led to all kinds of problems:

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Communicating your way to influence: top tips for in-house legal teams

Posted by Daniel van Binsbergen on Feb 18, 2019 11:54:56 AM

A few months ago, Thomson Reuters organised the GC Leadership Summit, which focussed on becoming an innovative GC during times of change. I was asked to facilitate a panel on “Effective communication skills to influence across the business”.

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In-House Roundup #15: decision trees, scaling legal, and 7 steps to moving in-house

Posted by James Valentine on Feb 18, 2019 11:13:43 AM

Outsource or in-house? A quick decision tree to help you decide

We hear from lots of GCs and legal teams who'd like to have a clear process for team members to determine which matters work should be outsourced and which should be kept in-house...  

So we got a couple of GC friends to put together a basic framework for this decision making process 🌳👇 (We'd love to hear your feedback on it!)

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In-House Roundup - #14

Posted by Ivy Wong on Feb 7, 2019 11:17:19 AM

First published on the 6th of July 2018


GC Secrets

How to be (even) more efficient

Lexoo CEO Daniel van Binsbergen spends a lot of time speaking with general counsel about their team structures and how best to procure external resources. In this Crafty Counsel video, he shares his top four tips on how in-house legal teams can become (even) more efficient.

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Here’s how to maximise the ROI on your legal spend

Posted by Ivy Wong on Feb 7, 2019 10:49:20 AM

It’s often said that legal departments are now being asked to do more with less. Budget squeezes as a result of the challenging economic climate have inevitably hit legal spend, but the demand for timely, cost-effective and high-quality legal advice remains. Companies want to know where the legal spend is going, but how can GCs put a value on the legal team’s contributions?

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