Rolling out the Lexoo design system

All the components for our new design system had been coded in isolation and packaged up into a neat little npm package 🎁 .

How we integrated Design System components into our user interfaces

After 6 weeks working with our contractor Nicolai, development of our new design system components was nearly complete. We were all excited, but there was still a long way to go before we could unveil our re-design. Here are a few things we...

Creating the Lexoo Design System

Earlier this year, we decided to build a design system for Lexoo - see this post on our thinking behind this. Once the decision was made and we had audited our existing designs, the next step was to work closely with our designer, Jack, to...

The biggest mistake we made at Lexoo and what in-house legal teams can learn from it

As a team of ex-BigLaw lawyers ourselves, we know that the traditional law firm model is broken. It just isn't set up to solve the key problems most GCs have: needing to have all the answers internally, not blocking commercial progress,...

The power of legal spend data

The idea of tracking legal spend might make some legal teams feel a little uneasy. With projects that seem to rake up billable hours and complicated billing systems, it can be hard to stay on top of your spend and make sense of all the data. 🤯...

Introducing the Lexoo Design System

It’s time for a spring clean! Lexoo has experienced intense growth over the last few years and we’ve outgrown our existing user interfaces (UIs). In this series, we’ll explain why we decided to build a design system, how we built it and how we’ll...

The countdown to Legal Geek

Legal Geek 2019 is nearly here 👏 Everyone at Lexoo is excited to share our love of all things LegalTech at the year’s best legal tech event, the Legal Geek Conference on the 16th of October!

The evolving responsibilities of the General Counsel

As organisations evolve to remain relevant in 21st-century society, so too does the role of General Counsel. This evolution has given rise to new opportunities and challenges for modern GCs as they take on board new responsibilities, become more...

Traditional firms must adapt or die

Immigration case law after Brexit: what’s affected?

With Brexit looming closer by the day, what current immigration case law will be affected, once the UK leaves the European Courts of Justice in 2019?

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