How We Redefined our Company Values

Posted by Nicole Moriniere on Jan 20, 2020 11:57:50 AM

Lexoo is now 6 years old.

We’ve grown from an idea in our CEO’s mind, to a seed company with a team of 5–6 people, to a leading European legal tech company with a team of over 20 people at post-Series A.

With all that growth came a need to change our company values.

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4 ways to make your legal team more cost-efficient

Posted by Hannah Houston on Jan 16, 2020 2:08:02 PM

Every year legal teams are expected to deliver more and more without much variation in budget. For many, this feels like an impossible task as resources are stretched to their limits but there are a few simple things you can do to make your legal team get more value for legal spend and be more productive.👇

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Why legal teams can save 30% with better project management

Posted by Hannah Gentry on Jan 14, 2020 2:00:49 PM

Think about the last time you took on a legal project that was cross-border or involved several lawyers and what it cost to have that work completed...

Did you know that roughly 30% of the work you were billed for could have been automated with tech and better process?

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Lawyer in the Spotlight: John Cook

Posted by Adil Khan on Dec 9, 2019 1:25:06 PM

Our Lawyer in the Spotlight blogs are an opportunity to showcase the fantastic lawyers in our Legal Network and the incredible work they do for our clients, every day. 

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Rolling out the Lexoo design system

Posted by Annie Gilchrist on Nov 6, 2019 11:45:00 AM

All the components for our new design system had been coded in isolation and packaged up into a neat little npm package 🎁 .

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How we integrated Design System components into our user interfaces

Posted by Annie Gilchrist on Oct 30, 2019 11:15:00 AM

After 6 weeks working with our contractor Nicolai, development of our new design system components was nearly complete. We were all excited, but there was still a long way to go before we could unveil our re-design.

Here are a few things we considered before putting our shiny new components into action.

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Creating the Lexoo Design System

Posted by Ivy Wong on Oct 23, 2019 11:19:00 AM

Earlier this year, we decided to build a design system for Lexoo - see this post on our thinking behind this. Once the decision was made and we had audited our existing designs, the next step was to work closely with our designer, Jack, to actually create the design system. This post explains the process we followed.

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The biggest mistake we made at Lexoo and what in-house legal teams can learn from it

Posted by Daniel van Binsbergen on Oct 18, 2019 3:46:47 PM

As a team of ex-BigLaw lawyers ourselves, we know that the traditional law firm model is broken. It just isn't set up to solve the key problems most GCs have: needing to have all the answers internally, not blocking commercial progress, protecting the company from risks, demonstrating value, controlling costs, and looking to the future. 

Over the years as CEO of Lexoo, I developed a pretty solid understanding of the areas where there was room to improve on the model. However, this led to a different problem: where to start. I didn’t have a solid prioritisation framework to help me make those decisions, and it led to all kinds of problems:

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The power of legal spend data

Posted by Hannah Houston on Oct 11, 2019 12:41:01 PM

The idea of tracking legal spend might make some legal teams feel a little uneasy. With projects that seem to rake up billable hours and complicated billing systems, it can be hard to stay on top of your spend and make sense of all the data. 🤯

What's more, the lack of visibility and transparency, confusing fee arrangements (that are inconsistently applied), and recurring billing errors and questionable time recording behaviours are now harming the reputation of in-house teams, according to Apperio. 

Tracking spend data is an expectation of modern legal teams who must pay closer attention to the budget with increased oversight from the CFO.

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Introducing the Lexoo Design System

Posted by Ivy Wong on Oct 3, 2019 5:07:08 PM

It’s time for a spring clean! Lexoo has experienced intense growth over the last few years and we’ve outgrown our existing user interfaces (UIs). In this series, we’ll explain why we decided to build a design system, how we built it and how we’ll be rolling it out across our site.

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